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Hair loss Treatment Results

Since 2019 Inkd SMP has been a pioneering force within the Australian Scalp Micropigmentation industry. Our team of artists are highly regarded for our signature 3D realism technique. 


But we're not just artists - the Inkd SMP Academy continuously creates and sets the highest standards for Scalp Micropigmentation artist training and development world wide. 


With meticulous attention to detail and an ongoing commitment to excellence,  we have transformed the lives of over 1500+ clients and over 200 students. 

Our extensive portfolio reflects the diverse range of individuals we have had the privilege to help, each with unique needs and aesthetic preferences. From subtle enhancements to next level transformations, our SMP artists use their expertise and artistic vision to deliver results that exceed our client expectations.


At Inkd SMP, we empower our clients with new confidence, freeing them from the effects of hair loss,  one flawless result at a time!

All treatments and hairline styles are 100% tailored to each individual's requests and desired style. Our team is always aiming for  the most natural appearance and long term result. 

SMP before and after.  Back of the head of client showing bald spot




SMP Client Testimonial 

Robbie's personal SMP journey, exploring the challenges he faced, the decision to try SMP, and the remarkable results that finally provided a solution to his long-standing struggle with hair loss.

See Robbie's before photo in our gallery below. 

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Women's SMP Results

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Scar Camouflage & Alopecia

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