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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Scalp Micropigmentation below. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to here, contact us and we'll happily answer any questions or queries you may have.

  • How long does SMP last?
    Scalp Micropigmentation is a semi-permanent treatment that may last 10+ years with proper care. However, over time as your skin naturally sheds it’s layers and absorbs the pigment, the treatment will fade and require touchups. Everyone's scalp is unique and factors such as sun exposure, and dry or oily skin type may cause this to happen at an accelerated rate. The average individual will require touchups every 2-5 years to freshen up the colour. Inkd SMP offers a 12 month treatment guarantee to cover any fading or changes to hairline etc requiring a touchup within the first year of your treatment. Touchups are one session and will cover all areas needing blending to ensure your treatment stays even and fresh looking.
  • Will it look natural?
    Inkd SMP is renowned worldwide for our signature 3D realism technique. Our method ensures the tattoo looks exactly like real hair follicles growing out of your scalp! Each client’s natural hair follicle size and colour at the root are matched during the SMP treatment. We use multiple needle sizes and custom colour shades to blend the tattooed follicles within your own. Our technique ensures a natural and undetectable result. ​ We also take into consideration the age of the client and their hair loss pattern to blend into an area of hair that allows for any future hair loss that may occur. We always fade out the tattoo about an inch into the existing hair to create a seamless blend. ​ If clients are to experience any further hair loss, we simply touch up the area and blend it into the existing SMP.
  • Do I have to shave my head?
    If there are any areas of your hair that are completely bald, then generally speaking: YES. We generally advise to shave it down to a 0.5 -1 which is the easiest length for our artist to work with. For the best overall look clients must keep their hair shaved every 2-4 days to ensure a seamless transition between the long hairs and flat tattoo. We offer in house shaving on the day of treatment for your convenience. ​ If the client has thinning hair and wishes to just add some density then shaving isn't necessary. This goes for Women as well, you do not have to shave your head as we work in between the hair strands. ​
  • Is SMP the same as a regular tattoo?
    While they share some similarities such as using a gun and a needle to deposit ink into the skin, SMP and regular tattoos are very different for multiple reasons, the top ones to include: Needles: Only SMP specialised micro needles are used. Ink: As well as SMP specialised carbon based inks. Technique: Ink is deposited just below the epidermis layer of scalp, using a detailed dotting method rather than lines and shading. Pain: Pain most often described as 2-5/10. Permanence: SMP is semi-permanent and because of the depth the ink is deposited + skin type and lifestyle factors; it will fade over time and require touch up.
  • What ink do you use?
    At Inkd SMP we only use specialised carbon based organic pigments which have been made specifically for scalp micropigmentation. These pigments do not change colour over time. They will only soften and lighten over time as your skin sheds naturally. The pigments that we use are vegan and cruelty free.
  • What needles do you use?
    The needles we use are medical grade specialised micro needles, essential for fine detail work which are created specifically for SMP. Each needle is single use and individually packaged.
  • How do you match my hair colour?
    Did you know that at the root, eveyone's hair is a shade of grey. Black being the darkest, white the lightest etc. Our artist will carefully match your hair colour at the root on the grey scale. During all of our treatments we use a black ink which we then dilute or modify with a warm tone. The lighter your hair the more we dilute the pigment to blend with your natural follicles, etc. This is why SMP can be suitable for those with lighter or red hair, when performed by a technician who is properly trained and experienced. ​
  • How do I look after my SMP?
    Aftercare is simple. Keep the area clean and dry, and avoid direct sunlight during healing. Avoid shampoos, chemicals, submerging your head under water, excessive sweating for at least 4 days after treatment. Loose fitting hats can be worn immediately after treatment but you must allow your head to breath. Apply sunscreen outdoors going forward to prolong the life your your SMP. Read more about after scalp micropigmentation by clicking the link.
  • How long will it take?
    Each SMP treatment is done over 2-4 sessions. This is to ensure we gradually build up and blend the tattoo, adjust the density and ink colour to create the most natural results. Sessions generally run between 2-4 hours depending on the area we need to cover. ​ The majority of our clients complete their full treatment within 2-6 weeks depending on the treatment type. Our general timeline for treatments is 7-14 days in between treatments and 1+ month in between your previous session and final follow up session. We leave a longer time before your final session as your skin regenerates every 28 days and we always adjust your tattoo based on healed results. This method ensures our clients have the most natural looking long term healed results. Our artist will advise you otherwise based on your skin type.
  • How often do I need to shave after my treatment?
    Clients who opt for the full hairline recreation SMP treatment must keep their head shaved to the appropriate 0 or 1 length to assure the difference between the tattoo and real hair is not visible. This requires trimming on average 2-4 days. We recommend using a quick shaver for convenience. ​
  • Does it hurt?
    Most clients describe the pain from 2-5 out of 10, with the sensation being more of an annoying itch rather than feeling painful. The front temples, hairline and sides of head tend to be the most painful because of the nerve endings in those areas. Numbing cream is available for clients with very low pain tolerance.
  • Will it damage my existing hair follicles?
    The needling of the micropigmentation stimulates the scalp and helps promote blood flow to the area so NO it does not damage existing hair follicles or prevent future growth for those considering hair transplants afterwards. In some cases it can even help to calm the appearance and discomfort of keloid scarring!
  • How much does it cost?
    Pricing is determined by the hair loss treatment type, and size of area needing to be covered. On average clients can expect treatment costs ranging from $1500-$4000 for density or full hairline creation. We base our pricing off of the Norwood Scale, the international standard for determining hair loss severity. We provide confidential, free, no obligation consultations that can be done by submitting your photos online or requesting phone and in person meetings.
  • What is your booking policy?
    All quotes are valid for 30 days only and then subject to reassessment. As a candidate for an SMP Hairline Recreation treatment, we will be building the appearance of hair follicle fullness and designing a customised new hairline for you, as well as adding density to your crown and temples as needed. Over 2-4 sessions, thousands of hair follicles are replicated using microneedles, carbon based ink and a detailed “dotting” tattoo method to deposit ink into the papillary layer of skin, just below the epidermis. The ink, needles and gun used differ from that of traditional tattoos and are specialised for SMP so you won't see any bleeding or discolouration of ink - only crisp, clear impressions, thus creating the most natural and undetectable results. Our standard procedure is to perform an online and/or in person consultation followed by your initial appointment, where we create the base of your SMP treatment. All ink starts with the base colour black and is diluted to match your hair colour at the root on the greyscale. Your hair colour and skin tone are taken into account for an overall flawless treatment blend. In your initial session, the replicated hair follicles, or “dots” are placed further apart for us to gauge correctly how the pigment settles into your skin, and allows us to adjust from there. We then perform second, third etc treatments to blend and add density to the results of your first treatment. Should further blending be required, we will schedule you in for an additional session accordingly. How the skin accepts the pigment is a major factor in determining the final number of treatments required, and varies from client to client. To provide a full SMP treatment to your hairline and/or crown, blending to match your natural hair’s shade at the root and density. Following treatment completion, one refresh session is included within 12 months should you experience any unevenness, additional hair loss, or wish to make changes to your hairline. Additional sessions outside of your quoted treatment will be at a rate of $300 per session. Refresh sessions outside of the one included session (within 12 months) are at a rate of $300 per session anytime. On the day of your treatment you will be required to arrive with your hair clean, dry, and shaved to the style you intend to wear going forward. If having a full hairline recreation on bald head, this will require you to wear your hair at a 0 to 0.5 length going forward to ensure a seamless blend, as this treatment is permanent. Please do not WET shave your hair for 24 hours prior to treatment. This allows your natural hair follicles to be more visible, allowing us to match the colour, size and density. We will then recreate your hairline to suit your specific requirements, as well as blend into your temple regions and crown as needed. If needed we will shave your hair down to an appropriate length for you on the day of treatment(s). Your frontal hairline will be designed to suit your personal requirements, face shape, natural hairline etc prior to starting the procedure. The options range from soft and staggered, to crisp and defined, the choice is entirely yours. The SMP treatment will blend into your current hair follicles to accommodate any future hair loss and ensure a seamless transition. Please read and follow the attached treatment CARE PLAN carefully to ensure your best results. You’ll be required to complete a short basic Personal/ Medical Questionnaire and Consent Form on the day of your treatment. You must be honest and as accurate as possible. Misleading or false information could affect the outcome of your treatment and you may be refused treatment. Our suggestion is to allow 7-14 days in between treatment sessions to allow the pigments to settle and skin to heal. This will help us fully gauge how your skin reacts and adjust accordingly. The pigment deposited during the treatment may take up to 7-10 days to fully settle. Redness occurs anywhere from 2 - 48 hours following treatment. A loose fitting hat may be worn. The amount of pain you experience during treatment varies from person to person but is described as a 2-5/10 depending on the area of your scalp. You must arrive alone to your appointment, please do not bring guests. Children are not permitted in the tattoo studio, all persons must be 18+ as per VIC GOV regulations. Date changes & cancellations Our artists are booked out months in advance - when you forget your appointments or fail to reschedule with enough notice, we miss out on an opportunity to fill that time slot, and our standby clients miss the chance to receive their treatments earlier. Due to the time sensitive nature of multiple sessions per treatment, the following terms have been set to take our artists’ and other clients’ time into consideration: You will receive an email and text reminder 7 days and 72 hours before all appointments. Please confirm your appointment via the email link. Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice for date changes by calling, emailing or texting us. ALL date changes or cancellations within 48 hours of your appointments will be charged a strict $200 rebooking fee due via invoice before your next appointment is confirmed. No exceptions. All changes to appointments will be rebooked subject to Inkd SMP availability. We will do our best to accommodate you but we cannot guarantee your desired dates and times within a certain time frame once your initial appointments have been changed, especially for weekends. For change of mind and treatment cancellations please note deposits and all treatment payments remain non refundable at any time. We understand that plans change and will allow for a total of 2 date changes for your treatment. When clients continuously reschedule week after week, only to make last minute changes, this takes away opportunities from our other clients as well as our artists - 48 hour date change policy still applies. Session 1 : Outside of those 2 date changes, any further changes will result in loss of deposit. You will need to be reassessed for a new quote. All other sessions : If 2 date changes are exhausted, a $200 rebooking fee will apply. No shows A no show of your first appointment will result in a full loss of your deposit. Your treatment balance will increase by the deposit amount. No exceptions. Any appointment no shows following the first appointment will be charged the $200 session fee, payable before your sessions will be rebooked. All no show or rebooking fees are an additional cost on top of treatment price, regardless of which session it is or if you have fully paid for treatment. (example: included refresh sessions) Last minute cancellation, rebooking and no show fees will still apply due to “Feeling sick and/or Covid testing”. Parking Each session we will require you to attend the studio for a 3-4 hour period so please organize your travel arrangements and schedule to find parking accordingly. Windsor train station is located 20M from the studio, trams stop just out front. There is free parking on Dandenong Road 50M from the studio from 9am to 4pm - it will become a clearway from 4pm. A large paid parking area is also located 20M away from the studio, across from Windsor station for $7 full day. There is free parking on Vine ST and Chapel St surrounding the studio. Payments Payment costs may be split up between sessions 1 & 2 only : 50% due session 1 + 50% due session 2. Your 20% deposit will be deducted from the total balance. Cash payments accepted & preferred Bank transfers accepted & preferred All credit/debit cards accepted - please note AMEX will be charged a 2% credit card fee Afterpay in studio - must have afterpay card in phone wallet Bank transfers for balances must be cleared before treatment commencement. INKD SMP PTY LTD - BSB: 063162 ACCOUNT: 10770012 Payment of deposit is deemed as acceptance of all above booking terms and conditions.
  • Is there parking on Chapel St?
    Parking Each session we will require you to attend the studio for a 3-4 hour period so please organize your travel arrangements and schedule to find parking accordingly. Windsor train station is located 20M from the studio, trams stop just out front. There is free parking on Dandenong Road 50M from the studio from 9am to 4pm - it will become a clearway from 4pm. A large paid parking area is also located 20M away from the studio, across from Windsor station for $7 full day. There is free parking on Vine ST and Chapel St surrounding the studio.
  • What are your opening hours?
    We are open Monday - Sunday, from 9:30 am - 6:30 pm.
  • Where is INKDSMP located?
    We are located in 19A Chapel Street Windsor 3181 VIC !

We're always happy to answer any questions specific to you ! Please call or text on 0409 915 094 or Email

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