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Inkd SMP is an independently owned SMP studio on Chapel st in Melbourne - our artists specialise in Scalp Micropigmentation, meaning we focus our skills on SMP only and are always evolving and learning the latest techniques to provide our clients with the best results. 


Put simply : We do one thing, and we do it beyond well!

When working with us you’ll have direct contact with both the business owner and your artist -you'll receive a completely personalised treatment by AJ, Ange or Brooke, who all have a genuine passion and love for helping others with their hair loss.


All artists undergo an extensive apprenticeship with AJ to develop their skills to the Inkd SMP level. You can expect nothing but realistic, quality results from all artists on our team.


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AJ is the owner and lead trainer at Inkd SMP - she specialises in ultra-realistic hairlines and undetectable blends.  

She is a qualified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist with a background in brow work and microblading. Her love for fine detailed artistic work and the desire to perform life changing transformations led her to Scalp Micropigmentation. 

In 2019 AJ trained with Australian SMP pioneer Aaron Grundy of Hairline Solutions. She now also holds SMP certifications by leading International trainers Billy DeCola of Vancouver Scalp and LDR SMP Training Academy. 


As a solo artist at her business INKD by AJ, Ana fast became one of the most sought after artists in Melbourne, helping hundreds of clients with their transformations and completing over 1500 SMP sessions to date. 

Due to demand for more realistic and better quality results in the industry, AJ expanded and grew her business into the team now known as Inkd SMP - where she also serves as a mentor and trainer to both experienced & new artists.


AJ is a renowned SMP specialist trainer and holds a TAE40116 Cert IV in Training and Assessment - qualifying her to design, train and assess nationally recognised and accredited courses throughout Australia. 

She is the only Australian artist sponsored on the 5pm Shadow SMP PRO Artist team. She was also chosen as an influencer on acclaimed artist Tony Abbagnato's Pygmenta Black Rain team. 

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Ange specialises in density & hairline restoration treatments.

He has a passion for all things creative and holds a Diploma of Advertising and Graphic Design - for 10 years Ange worked as an Art Director and Marketing Manager with multiple world renowned brands including Crumpler, Domain and Cotton on.

Having suffered hair loss himself, Ange can relate first hand to what clients are going through. He came across SMP after meeting Ana and decided it was the career change that he wanted to pursue - to be able to help improve the confidence and lives of those also suffering from hair loss.

As a naturally gifted painter and sketch artist, Ange has the keen eye for detail needed to create ultra realistic hairlines. He works alongside AJ assisting in training students, helping to develop their skills and demonstrate essential techniques that he himself once learned as a beginner from AJ. 



Brooke's been in the cosmetic industry since 2010 as both a trainer & therapist. She considers what she does more than a job - it's an extension of herself.


Brooke did her initial training at BHA Hair and Beauty Academy and has undertaken many other short courses over the years to keep her skills and knowledge up to date with the latest tech and services, including laser treatments, skin therapy and makeup artistry. 


She's a skin specialist & is passionate about making people feel and look the best they can. Her SMP training began with Hairline Solutions in 2020 with additional hands on skills development at Inkd SMP in 2021. Because of her background in beauty, she was an absolute natural as an SMP artist and chosen amongst a number of other aspiring artists to join the Inkd team in 2022. 



Jay is our dedicated Client Consultant and next to AJ will be your first point of contact when enquiring with Inkd SMP. 


Jay had the SMP treatment done himself in 2020 for hairline density and can answer all your SMP related questions having been through the process himself. 

He comes from a construction background, and spent the last 10 years as a site manager and electrician. Knowing that he wanted to do something more fulfilling, he made the leap into the personal care industry and joined the Inkd team in 2021. 

He has a passion for all things health and holds certs 3 & 4 in Fitness. As a personal trainer in the past, Jay loves helping others to feel and look their best. Jay is also our certified teeth whitening specialist, which he offers in studio for SMP and other clients.