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Advanced Scalp Micropigmentation Training

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Inkd SMP offers the industry's most premium, comprehensive and structured Scalp Micropigmentation Training programs. Learn this highly specialised art with both hands on and essential online components.


The Inkd SMP Academy hosts hands on training monthly across Australia, New Zealand and Canada, as well as mentors artists online across the world including USA, UK, South America and more!

When you train with us you'll join our international support network and receive unrivalled mentoring by our team of artists. We teach you the exact methods that have made us an internationally renowned studio, highly sought after for our signature 3D realism technique. 

Our courses are for artists who are serious about becoming industry leading experts. 

Meet your Trainer

Inkd SMP is one of the busiest and top rated SMP studios in all of Australia, helping over 1500+ men and women regain their confidence after hair loss since 2019. We're in high demand for our signature 3D realism tattoo style and hyper realistic hairlines.

During your advanced  training you'll be taught by Director Ana James (AJ) and  have the chance to observe our team of mega talented professional artists. 

Inkd SMP's Director and lead trainer AJ is one of few accredited PMU trainers in Australia - she holds a Cert IV TAE Trainer and Assessor certification, officially qualifying her to design, teach and deliver nationally recognised training programs. She has designed Inkd SMP's training courses to be well structured, in depth and on par with a credited program. 


​As one of the industry's most beloved and successful business women, AJ is the go-to mentor for SMP artists looking to LEVEL UP their knowledge, businesses and results.

Her goal is to teach you how to SCALE not SINK as you grow your own SMP business. 

SMP Training Australia

Mentoring and Shadowing:

Experienced Artists 


LEVEL up your SMP results! 


Are you a new artist and looking to improve & perfect your technique? 

Or an experienced PMU or tattoo artist looking to add SMP into your services? 


All Advanced Training options are 100% customised and tailored to your needs as an artist. 

These training options are for those who are looking for an SMP refresher, are struggling with getting consistent results, have trained elsewhere and are still lost - or for those simply wishing to learn our 3D realism technique and gain an additional skill or Inkd SMP certification! 

We have 3 hands on mentoring options : 

  1. Private 8 week SMP Mentor Program with AJ & team 

  2. One day private training 

  3. Two day private training 

All private mentoring will include access to our renowned online course! ($1100 USD value).

To grasp our techniques, there are key skills and fundamentals we follow - completion of the online course is essential to ensure you receive the most from your mentoring. 


Over 100+ in depth lessons & tutorials!

  • AJ's roadmap to starting your SMP business

  • Improving your mindset and motivation

  • SMP science and anatomy

  • Pre/post care

  • Health & safety compliance 

  • Inkd SMP simplified pigment ratios 

  • Matching hair colours

SMP Treatment types 

  • Inkd SMP signature 3D realism technique 

  • ​Mapping and designing hairlines

  • Sessions 1-3 hairline and density treatments 

  • Undetectable blends

  • SMP and hair transplants 

  • Alopecia and SMP 

  • Working with dark skin tones 

  • Men's density treatment

  • Women’s hairline & baby hair density 

  • Scar camouflage

  • Beard micropigmentation 

  • SMP refresh sessions

  • Troubleshooting skin types and unexpected healed results

  • Unique client case studies 

  • and MORE! 


​Social media and marketing 


  • Nailing client consultations 

  • SMP Sales processes

  • Interactive online Q&A sections

  • Inkd SMP certificate of completion

  • 20% off all 5pm Shadow SMP products

  • Access to exclusive Inkd SMP Whatsapp group 

8week smp mentoring

8 Week SMP Mentor Program 

Refine and Perfect your SMP Technique 

Welcome to the Inkd SMP 8-Week Scalp Micropigmentation Mentoring Program, a bespoke hands on course designed to empower you as an artist and develop all aspects of your technique and business. 

A customised program will be designed for you based on your prior experience, knowledge and desired areas of focus. For those just starting out, this may involve a complete business set up checklist, coaching on consultations and SMP sales processes or social media growth. 

For those with a foot in the door but wanting skills development, our 8 weeks together may see you working on up to 2 live models from start to finish. Model treatments of your choice. Your trainer will guide you through all parts of the SMP process to include consultation, prep, design, application and follow up. Your technique will be critiqued and adjusted throughout each session. All models will be provided.

After an initial on-boarding Q&A with your trainer,  your program may include any of the following: 

  1. Current business & skills overview 

  2. SMP Business setup checklist 

  3. Completion of the Inkd SMP online course 

  4. Shadowing our team through client sessions

  5. Consultations and proven sales processes 

  6. Sessions 1-3 bald model 

  7. Sessions 1-3 density model 

  8. Scar Camouflage or beard model 

  9. Practice tasks and skills development 

  10. Photo and video content for your portfolio 

  11. Inkd SMP Advanced certificate 

By the end of the program, you will not only possess a solid theoretical foundation but also have hands-on experience completing model treatments of your choice, This practical application ensures that you are well-prepared to embark on a successful career in scalp micropigmentation. 

All mentoring available in Australia, New Zealand and Canada with our team of trainers. 

Please contact AJ directly to discuss your 8 week mentoring options. 

1 & 2 day Training & Mentoring

Suitable for experienced PMU artists and Tattooers

Includes access to Inkd SMP Online course 

It is recommended for all artists to complete our Online Course prior to your mentoring day, regardless of tattoo experience. There are very specific elements to our 3D realism SMP technique that must be understood. 

One day Training & Mentoring

  • Shadow AJ and Inkd SMP Team through client sessions.

  • Q&A - training tailored to your specific questions and areas of focus. 

  • Colour theory, needle selection, skin types, blending, shading, practice tasks.

  • Guidance on booking systems, client forms, sales and social media.

  • Option to work with one live model - treatment type of your choice 

  • Bring your own model or client for AJ to help you through one session.

  • Model supplied on request 

  • Inkd SMP Advanced Training certificate.

  • No kit included.

  • Times 830 am - 430 pm 

Two day Training & Mentoring

One day training inclusions plus an additional model session. 

Return after 10 days to complete your Day 1 model's session.2 

OR work on a different model type of your choice session 1. 

  • Bring your own model or client for AJ to help you through one session.

  • Models may be supplied upon request.

  • Inkd SMP Advanced Training certificate.

  • No kit included

  • Times 830 am - 430 pm 

1 day training $2100
2 day training $2990 AUD 

Inkd SMP is respected worldwide for our professionalism and ultra realistic results - by achieving an Inkd SMP Scalp Micropigmentation training certificate, your clients will know you’ve been vetted for and assessed by AJ herself personally. 


We take pride in our work and that includes training -  to received a certificate our students must complete all skills and hands on assessments to the high standard we ourselves expect.

All mentoring available in Australia, New Zealand and Canada with our team of trainers. 




Welcome to the ultimate Scalp Micropigmentation Masterclasses, where artistry meets expertise! Join us on a transformative journey led by world-leading artists in the field. Uncover the secrets behind flawless scalp micropigmentation techniques as masters share their unparalleled skills and insights.

Whether you're a seasoned SMP professional or a budding artist eager to delve into the world of scalp micropigmentation, our masterclass provides a unique opportunity to refine your craft. Elevate your skills, learn cutting-edge techniques. 

What sets our masterclass apart is the exclusive access to industry trailblazers who have redefined the standards of scalp micropigmentation. Gain hands-on experience, explore advanced methodologies, and engage in in-depth discussions that will take your expertise to new heights.


You'll also have the chance to connect with like-minded professionals from around the globe.

Inkd SMP X Taylor Perry 

April 24 & 25 Miami Florida 

Following the massive success of our first Masterclass in Melbourne, Inkd SMP and Taylor Perry will collaborate again in 2024 for another next level advanced SMP class!

Taylor Perry is an industry leader in SMP and has enhanced his client’s confidence for over 20 years, as a Master Barber. The passion and commitment he has for his craft, joined with an endless pursuit for customer satisfaction has transformed Taylor Perry into one of the more sought-after SMP experts over the past few years.









A 2 day event for both experienced SMP artists or aspiring artists who are serious about being experts in the SMP industry​


​Advanced tattoo techniques and growth tips to help you advance your skills, results and improve or kick start your SMP business.

  • SMP marketing & business growth
  • Beard SMP

  • Scar camouflage

  • Women's hairline

  • Defined / Feathered hairline

  • Access to Inkd SMP online course ($1100 USD value)

  • Access to Taylor Perry online course ($1500 USD value)

Do not miss the opportunity to learn from Australia AND USA’s leading SMP artists & educators. The value, ad.anced knowledge and networking opportunity in this course are INVALUABLE.

Masterclass cost: $2800 USD 

Payment plans available.

Book below or contact AJ to enquire about payment plans. 

or whatsapp +61 405 827 261

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