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The Scalp Solutions Podcast

Updated: Mar 8

Ana James (AJ) is the owner of Inkd SMP, one of the leading Scalp Micropigmentation studios in Melbourne Australia. In 2019 she started off as a solo artist at her business INKD by AJ and quickly grew a reputation for her ultra realistic technique, professionalism and fun loving personality. AJ is known for her light hearted laughs and both unapologetic yet relatable social media content. She knows laughter and positive vibes are contagious and is a big believer in the Law of Attraction - when you put out good energy, you get it back in return.

In 2017 Ana experienced the tragic loss of her fiancé in a fatal accident, which completely changed her outlook on life. Instead of spiralling into negativity she was able to build a new life due to her strength and confidence in herself. Having made it through a dark time herself, she's always been genuine about her experiences and hopes to inspire others to live more openly and freely. She attests that a positive mindset and unwavering motivation are the key to her success, as well as having a more laid back and authentic approach to business that clients appreciate. While others try to step back from the spotlight and client relations, AJ believes that her direct and hands on approach is what's made her a standout and success in the growing Australian industry. Despite being closed for 7 months during one of the strictest and longest covid lockdowns, she built her business up to a team of 3 artists and rebranded as Inkd SMP by 2022. She now also serves as a trainer and mentor to new and upcoming SMP artists. Her advice to other artists : In a world where everyone tries to fit a certain perfect mould, don't stay in a lane. Create your own lane, show your individuality, work hard and be authentically you.

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