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Scalp Micropigmentation Training New Zealand

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Scalp Micropigmentation Training New Zealand : Auckland

Kia Ora New Zealand - Australia's leading SMP specialists are coming to YOU! Be one of the first few artists to offer this life changing treatment in New Zealand. With SMP taking over the world over by storm, now is your chance to get into the NZ industry early and solidify yourself as a leader.Dates: November 10 - 12 + November 20, 2022 (only 3 spaces remaining!) ​ Being an SMP artist is truly rewarding: you have the potential to change lives, be creative, be your own boss and make a great income. Our students come from all backgrounds and life stages. Your training is the foundation to your artistry and one of the most important investments in your SMP career - to be a great artist you must train with great artists. Inkd SMP is one of the busiest and top rated SMP studios in all of Australia - we help 25 to 30 different clients every week and have a 1-2 month waitlist at most times.. We're in high demand for our detailed, realistic tattoo style - when you train with us, you’re training with SMP specialists who perform hundreds of treatments per year, we aren’t just trainers!   We're accepting only 6 students into our exclusive 4 day Auckland training event. You'll learn the art from 2 highly skilled artists - our Director AJ and lead artist Ange. ​ AJ is an accredited trainer and holds a Cert IV TAE Trainer and Assessor qualification. She is certified to design, teach and deliver nationally accredited training programs and has designed Inkd SMP's training course based on specific guidelines and requirements.

Both AJ and Ange have experience with all skin tones and hair loss levels. Aj's realism technique and versatility with all treatment styles has made her one of Australia’s most renowned and respected SMP artists since 2019. She is the go-to trainer for experienced artists looking to level up their results! Our SMP course will cover skills and advanced techniques that AJ and Ange use daily to get natural, realistic results for every client. We’ll go over everything from essential theory, to background knowledge of the skin, anatomy, treatments and of course the tattoo technique. We see dozens of SMP repair jobs yearly and teach you not only what to do, but what NOT to do! ​ Upon completion of our course you'll be ready to start your own SMP business straight away and receive ongoing mentoring to help you succeed as an artist. You'll be certified by Inkd, have the skills and knowledge to perform treatments and receive the essential tools you need included in your kit. Our kits consist of nothing but the highest quality supplies - use exactly what WE use!


Beginners Course - No experience necessary! Online Learning Portal & Video Tutorials The most in depth Scalp Micropigmentation theory course available. Study the science behind SMP, complete practice tasks and quizzes. Learn at your own pace prior to hands on course commencement and refer back to study materials and video tutorials at any time. Invaluable real life tips and examples from Aj's years of experience! A prerequisite for hands on training, must be completed prior. Approx 3-6 hours. ​ Completing your theory and practice tasks before course commencement ensures our students have an understanding of SMP before we start hands on tasks, making it easier for you to grasp the techniques and why we do them - plus it gives us maximum hands on skills time!

  • Intro to SMP, benefits, risks, skin anatomy, reasons for hair loss.

  • Pre/post care, health & safety.

  • Machines, pigments and needles.

  • Matching hair colours.

  • Client consultations, marketing tools.

  • Downloadable insurance approved and professional client forms.

​ Online tutorials to refer back to at any time after training :

  • Setting up your work station and supplies.

  • Mapping and drawing hairlines.

  • Session 1, creating the treatment base.

  • Session 2, adding density and fullness.

  • Session 3, blending and perfecting.

  • Explaining client consent forms.

​ How to:

  • Undetectable blends: Razor shave blend vs stubble.

  • Men's density treatment.

  • Women’s hairline and baby hair density treatments.

  • Scar camouflage.

  • SMP refresh session.

  • Troubleshooting skin types and unexpected healed results.

  • Additional online technique tutorials and video demonstrations, one year access.

4 DAYS IN DEPTH HANDS ON TRAINING ​ Small group training with a focus on building your hands on skills and correct techniques - Learn how to get world class SMP results from the very start. Two highly experienced trainers to assist you and ensure you get essential one-on-one time. ​ One of the most important skills to master as an SMP artist is how to manoeuvre through different skin types. During training you'll work on multiple live models with varying skin types and hair loss levels to give you a variety of hands on experience. ​ Models : All models are provided by Inkd SMP. Photo and video content for your portfolio will also be taken during the sessions! ​ If you have a friend or family member who's keen to receive a treatment, you're more than welcome to bring them along as your model - please advise us beforehand. ​ Day 1: Overview of theory, equipment, practice machine control, insertion depths, spacing.

  • Hairline styles, measurement and symmetry, practice drawing and execution, colour matching and ink mixing. Practice on various mediums.

Day 2: Live client demonstration by AJ + Student density models.

  • Long hair models, applying the first sessions

Day 3: Guided student bald models first sessions start to finish.

  • Course completion, receive Inkd SMP Certificate.

Day 4: Bonus shadow and technique day one week post course completion (optional).

  • Return one week later to see your models' healed results and shadow Ange & AJ through their 2nd sessions. Feedback on your work, plus additional help and support during this day!

Full professional SMP Kit Included:

  • 5PM Shadow wireless archer pen

  • 5pm Shadow needles - 3 full boxes

  • 5pm shadow black pigment

  • 5pm shadow neutraliser pigment

  • Electric ink mixer

  • Diffuser bottle

  • Hairline pencils & sharpener

  • Practice skin

  • Bandage wrap

  • Ink pots

  • Syringes

  • Kit bag

  • Isopropyl alcohol & paw paw

  • Photo & video content during training to use for your portfolio

​ Inkd SMP Certificate of Achievement Following completion of your course, AJ will be available for ongoing mentoring and skills assistance via phone, online and Skype assistance. All students are welcome to join us at our Melbourne studio for shadowing and hands on learning, A model will be provided for any students travelling to Melbourne for mentoring.

Potential Earnings as an SMP Artist ​The average Scalp Micropigmentation treatments in Australia and New Zealand will run from $1000-3000+ or $200+ per hour, however pricing is up to the artist. This is one of the very few educational investments that has the potential to cover it's cost back very fast - within the first 4 clients!

As a new artist taking only ONE new client a week @ $2000 each, that's a possibility to earn $104 000 p

Course Cost : $6500 AUD ​ A non refundable deposit of $1000 will be required to secure your space in the course. Final payment is due 2 weeks prior to course commencement. Logins for online theory will also be assigned 2 weeks prior to course commencement. ​ Afterpay and all major credit cards accepted.

4 DAY SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION TRAINING AUCKLAND 2022 Dates: November 10 - 12 + November 20th Times : 830am - 430pm daily Location : Unit 4, 91 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland, 0610 Spaces : 3 spaces remaining In New Zealand there are local government regulations to uphold and adhere to. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the local council in your region for up-to date information about your requirements. ​ Inkd SMP is respected worldwide for our professionalism and ultra realistic results - by achieving an Inkd SMP Scalp Micropigmentation training certificate, your clients will know you’ve been vetted for and assessed by AJ herself personally. We take pride in our work and that includes training - to received a certificate our students must complete all skills and hands on assessments to the high standard we ourselves expect.


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