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Hair Tattoo Shaved Look Results

Updated: Mar 8

One of our favourite transformations this year for this client from Richmond VIC!

What a difference - 3 sessions of SMP hair tattoo, a couple hours of sun and WOW. Beautiful soft shadow/stubble effect.

If you're in Melbourne and are looking for a sign to do a big shave, this is it.

This treatment was complete over 3 sessions spacing sessions 1 and 2 one week apart and session 3 after 1 month. This allows ample time for the skin to heal and do a full turnover, so if any impressions may heal a bit light we are able to add more and perfectly blend the SMP with exisiting hair to get a flawless result.

Each scalp micropigmentation treatment is different and tailored specifically to the client.

To book in a free consultation or get a quote please contact us

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