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Natural Looking Hair Tattoo Results

Updated: Mar 8

Before we moved into our current Chapel Street SMP studio in 2021, Inkd SMP was formerly known as Inkd by AJ and located just down the road in Prahran!

Our client Ronnie was one of many clients who started their SMP journeys with AJ in our previous location on Greville St.

Ronnie's family wanted him to feel his best and gain more confidence and was gifted his SMP treatment by his daughters for Christmas. His requested a defined yet natural hairline for his new look!

2 years later he says that to this day no-one has noticed he's had a hair tattoo treatment don't because it looks "soo natural".

Show below is his journey from start, 3 sessions fresh and 2 years healed result!

2 years healed result 2023

Before SMP 2021

3 Sessions fresh 2021

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