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Healed SMP Results

Updated: Mar 8

Healed Scalp Micropigmentation Results Australia

Inkd SMP is renowned world wide for our signature 3D realism tattoo technique. We've mastered the art of natural and ultra realistic SMP and this includes healed results.

As we like to say "healed results are real results".

Our team are SMP specialists who pride ourselves on creating results that last.

Shown below is a 2.5 year healed result during a follow up with our client. He was previously a Norwood 7 on the hair loss scale, which required 4 sessions to complete his hair treatment. He requested a more defined hairline for his new look.

As you can see the colour, details and realism are still very crisp and the treatment has settled perfectly within his skin after 2.5 years,.

Creating exceptional healed results requires skill, patience and knowledge that comes with experience. Our team has helped over 1000 individuals camouflage their hair loss since 2019. .

Your artist will always apply the tattoo taking your long term results into mind.

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