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AJ is the owner and lead artist at Inkd SMP - she specialises in ultra-realistic hairlines and undetectable blends.   

She is a qualified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist with a background in brow work and microblading. Her love for fine detailed artistic work and the desire to perform life changing transformations led her to Scalp Micropigmentation. 

In 2019 AJ trained with leading Australian SMP pioneer Aaron Grundy of Hairline Solutions. She now also holds certifications by International trainers Vancouver Scalp.


As a solo artist at her business INKD by AJ, Ana fast became one of the most sought after artists in Melbourne, helping hundreds of clients transform their looks and build their confidence.

Due to demand for more realistic treatments in the industry, AJ expanded and grew her business into the team now known as Inkd SMP - where she also serves as a mentor and trainer to new & upcoming artists.

AJ is a sponsored Pro artist on both the 5pm Shadow and Pygmenta Black Rain SMP teams, 




Ange specialises in density & hairline restoration treatments at Inkd SMP. 


He has a passion for all things creative and holds a Diploma of Advertising and Graphic Design - Ange worked the past 10 years as an Art Director and Marketing Manager with multiple world renowned brands including Crumpler, Domain and Cotton on, but decided it was time for a change. 

Having suffered hair loss himself, Ange can relate first hand to what clients are going through. He came across SMP after meeting Ana and decided it was the career change that he wanted to pursue - to be able to help improve the confidence and lives of those also suffering from hair loss.

Ange completed an extensive apprenticeship with AJ, giving him a major advantage in perfecting his skills and techniques within his first year as an SMP Artist.