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Often referred to as SMP or Hair Tattoo, this unique cosmetic procedure provides life changing treatments for pattern baldness, hair thinning, receding hairlines alopecia and more.  


SMP can also fill in and camouflage the look of FUT & FUE transplant or other scars and add density to hair transplant areas to create a fuller look. 

SMP is the only hair loss treatment that can fully guarantee results and provide a long lasting solution for hair loss. Inkd SMP specialises in an ultra realistic and undetectable look. No one will know you've had the treatment done, unless you tell them!

During your treatment, hair follicles are recreated using a detailed "dotting" tattoo method, where ink is gradually deposited into the skin in multiple sessions or "layers". 


The technique differs from that of traditional tattooing as there are no lines or shading and the ink is only deposited as deep as the papillary layer of skin, just below the epidermis. The machine, ink and micro needles used are specialised for SMP.. 

The addition of tattooed SMP follicles to the scalp reduces the contrast between visible skin and hair, thus creating the illusion of new or thicker hairs. For those with receding hairlines or sporting the shaved head look, we offer complete hairline recreation and filling in of balding crowns, scars and other patches. For hair thinning and longer hairstyles we add density and fullness by tattooing around your natural hair follicles.

Clients typically need 2-4 sessions to complete their treatment, which will vary by the treatment type and the extent of hair loss. SMP is a semi-permanent treatment and does fade over time as your skin sheds naturally, and may require a touch-up within 2-5 years to freshen up the colour. 

Unlike hair growth treatments and transplants, the results of SMP treatments are guaranteed and can be seen after just 1 session! 


No more hair fibres, wig systems, or hiding under hats - With Inkd SMP you can expect natural and undetectable results every time. 

Get your confidence back today!


So you've done your research, you like our vibe and have chosen Inkd SMP (thanks!) for your treatment, what happens now?

Once we've completed your initial consultation and discussed what you'd like to achieve from your treatment, we book you in for your first session and get started on your transformation! Typically clients require 2-4 sessions to complete their look. As everyone's scalp is different we will advise you during your consult on the number of sessions you will require and reassess after session 1 to monitor how your skin accepts the SMP pigment. 


This is where we create the foundation of your treatment. For men receiving a new hairline, we always start conservative, spacing the tattooed follicles further apart to allow us to build upon the base. The basic shape of your treatment is now visible and outlined.  


Your new look really starts to show! Ink from session 1 has settled and it's now time to add fullness to the look and fill in between the initial dots. Making any adjustments required to the ink colour, we continue to blend the tattoo into your natural hair and the tattooed follicles from session 1. Session 2 is spaced 7-14 days after session 1 depending on your treatment.  


In session 3 we add more density, blend and making any final changes to the hairline as needed. Adding the finishing touches and details for a flawless and natural looking finish. Spaced 2 weeks after session 2 for both hairline recreations and density treatments. 


Prices are based off the treatment type (bald with hairline recreation / or density on long hair) and the extent of your hair loss, so it varies for each individual. 


On average most of our clients fall within the $1200-$2900 range for their full treatments. Please email us pictures of your hair for an assessment and quote, or call us to arrange a no obligation consultation. Please note, for phone consultations please send your pictures through beforehand for reference. 

Booking Policy 

  • Please note a deposit equal to 20% of your total balance will be required to secure the price and appointment dates, which will be deducted from your treatment cost. Appointments cannot be held or guaranteed until a deposit is received. All deposits are non refundable. 


Date changes, cancellations


Our artists are booked out months in advance - when you forget your appointment or fail to cancel with enough notice, we miss out on an opportunity to fill that time slot, and our standby clients miss the chance to receive our services earlier. The following terms have been set to take our artists’ and other clients’ time into consideration:


  • You will receive an email and text reminder 7 days and 72 hours before all appointments.  

  • Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice for date changes by calling or texting your artist.  

  • ALL date changes or cancellations within 24 hours of your appointments will be charged a strict $100 rebooking fee.

  • All changes to appointments will be rebooked subject to Inkd SMP availability. We will do our best to accommodate you but we cannot guarantee your desired dates and times within a certain time frame once your initial appointments have been changed, especially for weekends. 

  • For change of mind and treatment cancellations please note deposits and all treatment payments remain non refundable at any time. 


We understand that plans change and will allow for up to 2 date changes of your appointments. When  clients continuously reschedule week after week, only to make last minute changes again,, this takes away opportunities away from our other clients as well as our artists. 


  • First session : Outside of those 2 date changes, your deposit will be forfeited. Full payment of the first session will be required up front before rebooking any further dates. 

  • Session 2 : Full payment of the session will be required up front before rebooking further dates. 

  • Session 3 : your refresh session will be forfeited and you’ll be required to pay the standard $300 for your final refresh session. 


No shows


  • A no show of your first appointment will result in a full loss of your deposit. Your treatment balance will increase by the deposit amount. No exceptions. 

  • Any appointment no shows following the first appointment will be charged a $250 fee. 

  • All no show or rebooking fees are an additional cost on top of treatment price, regardless of which session it is or if you have fully paid for treatment.  (example: included top up sessions)

  • Last minute cancellation and no show fee will still apply for any cancellations or no shows within 24 hours due to “Feeling sick and/or Covid testing”.


Training : Please note all deposits for training are non refundable however are transferable to a later date given notice. A deposit of $1000 will be required to secure your space. Balance is payable 2 weeks prior to in person course start date. Due to the confidential nature of course materials and kit inclusions, upon course commencement there will be no refunds at any time. Course commencement begins from day 1 of online portal login assignment.



Treatment payment costs may be split up between sessions 1 & 2 only : 50% due session 1 + 50% due session 2.  Your 20% deposit will be deducted from the total balance. 

Financing : Finance up to $5500 of your treatment or training with Payright - 0% interest rates payable over 6 or 12 months for successful applicants only. a 20% deposit will be required. 

Afterpay : Use your after pay credit in studio for balances - must have the afterpay card stored in your digital phone wallet. 



Each session we will require you to attend the studio for a 3-4 hour period so please organize your travel arrangements and schedule to find parking accordingly. Windsor train station is located 20M from the studio, trams stop just out front. 


There is free parking on Dandenong Road 50M from the studio from 9am to 4pm - it will become a clearway from 4pm. A large paid parking area is also located 20M away from the studio, across from Windsor station for $7 full day. There is free parking on Vine ST and Chapel St surrounding the studio.